Dog’s excitable reaction to being told it’s walk time leaves viewers in stitches

If there is one thing that dogs love more than anything else, it is going for walks. But this adorable boxer may just be the biggest fans of "walkies" ever.

Hilarious footage shared to Reddit by user Pine_Apple_Boat shows the pooch, named Nina, being told the all important word.

A man behind the camera starts by saying: “Do you…”

Before he can even finish the sentence, Nina drops down on the bed in excitement.

“..Want to go for…” the man continues. The pooch then jumps at his owner unable to contain the sheer joy of what is about to be said.

She jumps onto the floor and barks as the owner finally finishes with: “A walk.”

The dog then leaps onto the bed again and launches herself at her owner.

It was shared yesterday (November 8) with the caption: “This is her reaction to when I ask if she wants to go for a walk.”

Unsurprisingly, the clip proved hugely popular with Reddit viewers and received more than 18,000 upvotes.

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  • “I’m no dog whisperer but my assumption is yes, she wants to go for a walk,” one wrote.

    Another commented: “This is so funny. I only have to tell my dog ‘outside’ and he goes nuts. I love different dogs personality.”

    And a third laughed: “That's the same way my dog acts. Rather, it's for a walk, car ride, or a treat.”

    Nina isn’t the only dog to have gone viral in the past for their reaction to being told it was time for a walk.

    A deaf dog named Sky melted the hearts of millions back in April for hoe he responded to the “walks” gesture.

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