Don Trump Jr’s stinging assessment of father Donald amid divorce: ‘You don’t love us’

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Donald Trump Jr, the US President Donald Trump’s oldest child, last night gave Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nomination, a harsh rebuke. It came during the first night of the Republication Party convention. Here, myriad members of the Trump 2020 team and supporters spoke in favour of the current President and warned of an eerie political landscape should the Democrats secure the White House win.

One of the most noteworthy characters of the night quickly proved to be Don Jr, who has since hit headlines for his hard reprimands of Mr Biden – a theme which was consistent throughout the night.

He said: “Trump’s policies have been like rocket fuel to the economy.

“Biden’s radical left-wing policies would stop our economic recovery cold – Biden has promised to take that money back out of your pocket and keep it in the Swamp.

“That makes sense, considering Joe Biden is basically the Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp. For the past half-century, he’s been lurking around in there.”

He warned conservatives that Democrats would undo the economic gains that people had made with his father in the White House.

Don Jr has proved a decisive part of Trump’s campaign team, having previously worked within the family real estate business – yet he has not always seen eye-to-eye with his father.

One such incident came as the Trump Empire appeared to be on the hinges of collapse in 1990, while Trump was married to Ivana Zelníčková but was repeatedly spotted publicly with Marla Maples who would soon be his next and second wife.

Little 12-year-old Don Jr was more aware of the extensive press coverage than his younger siblings and, according to Vanity Fair, once let loose at his father over the ordeal.

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He said: “How can you say you love us?

“You don’t love us!

“You don’t even love yourself.

“You just love your money.”


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He then reportedly went on to ignore his father for a year, hanging up the phone whenever Trump tried to reach out to him.

Their relationship has since strengthened, however.

This was demonstrated during a 2006 Forbes interview between Trump and Don Jr, as well as sibling Ivanka Trump, who were his “new apprentices” of the family business.

A similar set up to Trump’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, the father of five asked his children about business, real estate, and what they thought of their father.

Halfway through the interview, Trump asked: “What don’t you know that you’d like me to teach you?”

Don Jr, attempting to turn on the charm, replied: “I know everything so it’s pretty irrelevant – I’m a Trump”, before awkwardly laughing and continuing with his answer.

He added: “But no, I’m a Trump; I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to do this with you for a couple of years and to see a lot of projects through.”

Meanwhile, Ivanka, who has become one of the President’s closest advisors, appeared more earnest in her answer, responding: “Personally what I admire the most about you, people say you’re a great marketer, you’re great at putting your name out there, you’re a great brander – all of which is true.

“But you build smart; you don’t spend stupid money, you don’t spend $800 (£609) on glossy brochures to hand out to everybody who walks in the door, you build a great product.”

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