Donald Trump says ‘don’t be afraid’ of coronavirus in first public appearance

President Donald Trump said "don't be afraid" of coronavirus during his first public speech since testing positive for the deadly bug.

The president returned to the White House on Monday after being admitted into hospital for 72-hours as he battled the virus.

Trump, 74, also said he felt "better than 20 years ago" after being airlifted from Walter Reed hospital where he received treatment, reports The Sun.

He tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, however, just three days later he stood outside the White House and removed his mask for photographs.

Speaking about the virus, he said: "Don't let it dominate you.

"Don't be afraid of it."

"You're going to beat it," the president added.

He rounded off the video by saying: "Get out there, be careful.

"We have the best medicines in the world, and it’ll all happen very shortly. And they’re all getting approved and the vaccines are coming momentarily."

The president will receive continued treatment at the White House and will continue quarantining.

His appearance on Monday raised eyebrows as social media users claimed he was seen "struggling to breathe" and "gasping for air" despite his positive message.

One Twitter user pointed out "Trump appears to be wincing in pain while he breathes."

Joseph Robertson tweeted: "Any true 'supporter' of Trump should see this and demand his immediate return to Walter Reed. He is obviously struggling to breathe & scared. What kind of supporter is it that wants this?"

  • Donald Trump says he's leaving hospital tonight after 3 day coronavirus admission

Trump walked out of the hospital on Monday evening just after 6.30pm local time (11.30pm UK time) towards a waiting SUV which carried him to the Marine One helicopter for the short flight back to the White House.

He said "thank you very much" to the assembled reporters before getting into his car.

The president has received an unprecedented level of care for Covid-19 in the past few days, despite spending months downplaying the severity of the virus.

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