Donald Trump’s speedy coronavirus recovery explained – ‘Most people do not need it’

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US President Donald Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month. Shortly after his diagnosis, Mr Trump was flown to hospital for treatment. Dr Simon Clarke discussed the steps that were taken to ensure a speedy recovery for Mr Trump, while speaking on talkRADIO.

Dr Clarke said: “He was clearly not well but how unwell was he?

“If he had been Donald Trump the property magnate living in his property in New York, my suspicion is that he would probably have been left at home to recover and get over it.

“I don’t know that it is just my suspicion.

“Of course, he is not, he is President of the United States and they would have whisked him off to a military hospital and jumped on it as firmly as they possibly could.

“I think that is probably why they acted pre-emptively where hospitals generally don’t have the capacity to do that, most people do not need it anyway.”

Last week the virologist warned during an interview on talkRADIO that a coronavirus vaccine could still be “years away” from being ready.

Dr Clarke claimed a viable coronavirus vaccine may not be ready until the second half of 2021 at the earliest.

He also warned the vaccine may not be suitable for everybody.

Dr Clarke said: “When you see politicians and TV doctors going on air and telling people ‘the vaccine trials are going well’, they don’t know that.

“All they can know is that the vaccine trials are recruiting the right number of volunteers, that is all.

“Those trials are blind, nobody knows what is going on.”

When asked how long he thought it would be until a vaccine was ready, he said: “At the very earliest the second half next year, 12 months from now.


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“But it could be years away.

“Even if they do get a vaccine, it might not be suitable for everybody.

“For instance, it might not be suitable for elderly people who are the ones who need it.

“There are all these other things to find out, we don’t know how long it will give you immunity for and whether there are any long-term side effects.”

Numerous vaccine trials are taking place across the globe as scientists try to find an effective treatment to COVID-19.

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