Dozens of dead women’s corpses found in mass grave at policeman’s back garden

A mass grave filled with the corpses of dozens of women has been unearthed in a former police officer’s back garden in El Salvador.

Officers discovered the horrifying site during investigations into former cop Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez over his alleged involvement in a double homicide of a 57-year-old woman and her 26-year-old daughter.

Upon arriving at Chavez’ house, investigators noticed that the ground in his backyard appeared soft and disturbed.

They soon unearthed several graves containing the bodies of dozens of women, believed to be victims of a violent sex and murder ring.

Chavez allegedly has a history of sexual predation, and was fired from the police after confessing that he would find women on social media and dupe them with promises of "The American Dream".

Sickeningly, the corpses appear to be linked by sexual violence, with prosecutor Graciela Sagastume saying that: “The central axis of the investigation is sexual violence.”

Chavez and ten other people have now been arrested in connection with the mass grave, which officers believe was the result of a sex and murder ring.

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Police chief Mauricio Arriaza Chicas told reporters: “This psychopath has been detained and I believe that 99 percent of the people who assisted him have been detained.”

Police have already exhumed at least two dozen bodies, and suspect that as many as forty more could still remain at the site.

People with missing relatives gathered at the site on Friday with photos of their loved one, seeing if they could identify one of the bodies.

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So far none of the ten suspects in custody have given any indication as to the origins of the mass grave, though Justice Minister Gustavo Villatoro has suggested that more than one person is likely to be involved in the tragedy.

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