Driver caught pooing by side of road by cops runs off leaving car behind

A man having a poo by the side of the road legged it when he saw police, leaping over a fence and leaving his car behind.

He was caught in the compromising position in the Ullesthorpe area near Lutterworth on Saturday morning, amused police have revealed.

The weekend pooer's abandoned vehicle was then seized by the force, LeicestershireLive reports.

In a tweet by Lutterworth Police, officers said: "Morning all. The joys of modern policing!

"The driver of this vehicle was caught defecating by Lutterworth Police on the roadside near to Ullesthorpe.

"On seeing police he vaulted a fence and ran off forgetting to take his vehicle with him!"

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Officers did not say on which road they had made the discovery.

However the Twitter photo shows a silver car parked on a muddy spot by a tree-lined field, so at least the man would have had a picturesque view while doing his business before he was interrupted.

The force went on to the say that the car had been seized by officers and was found to have no insurance.

They thoughtfully provided the case reference number so the owner can retrieve his vehicle, but he'll have to overcome his embarrassment first if he wants it back.

Twitter users were tickled by the news, with one quick-witted commenter remarking the story "puts a new spin on the expression 'he s*** himself when he saw the police car coming'."

However, others were miffed by the police's actions, with one saying it's "not a crime" to do a number two in the open country air.

"I spent hours on end outside running and walking, shouldn't be an offence to take a dump outside if you get caught short," he added.

Another admonished the cops, saying: "Leave him alone you nazis."

As one user helpfully pointed out, it's technically an offence to urinate or defecate in any public place other than using a lavatory and is liable for a fine "not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale" which is £1,000.

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