Driver gets caught in middle of tornado after becoming trapped in his car

A driver trapped inside his car has filmed the moment a powerful tornado came within inches of him.

Kenny Hixon was driving in Pinellas County, Florida when a strong tornado passed through the area with 125 mph winds.

The twister spent two hours cutting its way across mid-Pinellas County, churning through the waters of Tampa Bay and then reforming over Polk County about 50 miles away.

Heartstopping footage shared onto social media shows Kenny halting his car in the middle of the road as the tornado closes in on him.

Debris is seen flying past in mid-air while the strong winds pummel his car with loud thudding noise.

Kenny is heard saying: "S***, we are in a tornado right here. Oh my God."

Other motorists also stop their cars in the road for safety.

Another video sees Kenny caught in the middle of tornado.

He says in a trembling voice: "That light pole just fell down in front of me and I'm just sitting in the tornado right now."

The heavy winds and downpour hit his car bonnet as he filmed.

National Weather Service at Tampa Bay confirmed that two tornadoes appeared following Wednesday's evening storm, with one graded as an EF-2 tornado.

Thankfully the tornado was short-lived, touching down at 3.49pm and lifting at 4.11pm.

The peak winds of the twister were estimated at 125 mph and the path was 13.1 miles long.

The other one, an EF-1 tornado inflicted “significant damage” to homes near Lake Gibson in Polk county, ripping oak trees out of the ground and roofs off of homes.

There were no reported injuries, local sheriffs said. But two homes lost their roofs and were so damaged that they're now “uninhabitable.”

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