Drug boss and glam girlfriend blew £750k on designer clothes before police bust

The boss of a huge drugs empire and his glam girlfriend blew a whopping £750k on designer clothes and “cosmetic surgery” before being taken down by police.

Jonathan Walsh, 34, operated a massive drugs trafficking operation alongside 32-year-old girlfriend Jodie Bowie.

Their operation including selling cannabis and amphetamine from Greater Manchester.

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The couple spent around £738,750 of their fortune on a luxury lifestyle, Manchester Crown Court heard this week as it sentenced Walsh to 15 years in prison.

According to the Manchester Evening News, under the Proceeds of Crime laws, Walsh will have to pay back just over £40,000, representing the value of items seized by police including designer clothes worth about £38,000 and a van worth £2,000.

However, more cast was spent on his girlfriends “cosmetic surgery”, although it is not clear exactly what kind of surgery she had.

Upon a police search, officers also found around £100,000s worth of designer clothes at the couple's home, and around £10,000 in cash.

All items found will be sold at auction.

During the hearing, Tom Challinor, prosecuting, said: “Over a very short period of time Walsh began to accrue possessions of a lavish lifestyle, including Rolex watches, designer clothing, and driving expensive cars at £1,300 a month.

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"They decked out their house in lavish décor which indicated that sort of lifestyle. Jodie Bowie worked at the time but was not on the sort of income which could have supported that lifestyle."

At the time of the scheme, Bowie worked but was not on the sort of income which could have "supported that lifestyle".

And when the operation was busted, she tried to rope her family into hiding the money and helping to keep it going.

Mr Challinor added: “When Grey was arrested and his (Walsh) operation was affected, she knew she had to do something about it – and that something was to recruit her family, namely her mother, brother and dad who assisted in the operation.

“When it came to spending money, she was fearless.

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“He bought amphetamine and cannabis from Wigan and Warrington for couriers to pick up and transport them to Mansfield.

“This was controlled through Encrochat mobile phones, in which passwords were supplied, to keep the system secure and secret.

“The drugs were never kept at Walsh’s address, he distanced himself from them and had couriers effectively to do his dirty work for him.”

Walsh pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply drugs and money laundering and was later found guilty of conspiracy to possess a firearm, conspiracy to possess ammunition and conspiracy to possess an explosive device.

Bowie was given a 21 months prison term, suspended for two years, a three month curfew between 7pm and 5.30am, 140 hours unpaid work and ten rehabilitation activity requirement days, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply class B cannabis and money laundering.

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