Drug trafficker finds love with female prison guard years after they met in jail

An ex-prostitute and drug trafficker has found love with a former female prison guard she met during a prison rehabilitation program.

Simone Starr was a bikini model and a Penthouse Pet in Sydney before she became involved with a drug trafficking ring.

She was arrested in 2009 for smuggling methamphetamine and sentenced to six-and-a-half-years behind bars after a parcel bomb blew up her then-boyfriend’s face.

Starr served most of her time at Dillaynia women’s prison and was part of an intense rehabilitation program the caused her to break down.

Prison officer Britt Young consoled Starr and took time out of her day to help her cope through what she had been through.

Ms Starr stresses there was no romantic attraction to begin with, Starr, who was 28 at the time, but described the friendship as a "mentor" situation.

After gaining parole in 2019, Starr tracked Ms Young up on Facebook with the intention of thanking her for the impact she had on her life, after two years apart.

The prison guard responded and said it was inappropriate for a serving guard to speak with an ex prisoner, so Starr asked her to reach out if her circumstances ever changed.

Ms Young said she felt a niggling feeling within her that was telling her to give the relationship a go.

She said: "Something was like: You need to give this thing a go … The only way you can do that is to resign before you do"

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Starr told Sydney's Daily Telegraph: "It was very comforting. I didn't listen to no one then, I was a rat-bag back in the day and she took the time out to give me time.

"I had never worked hard like this and I realised, hey, I don't have to sell myself for money."

Ms Young, who now lives with Starr in Sydney, said her parents taught her not to judge a book by its cover.

She said: "The day I spoke to her properly I knew she was looking at me and thinking this screw is genuine and sincere."

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