Drunk bloke stages protest at not being let into his room – at wrong hotel

A drunk man got a rude awakening by cops after staging an impromptu protest outside a hotel when staff refused to let him into his room.

But it turned out the worse for wear fella hadn't even been booked into the Bournemouth Premier Inn and that he was protesting outside the wrong hotel.

Officers who attended the scene quickly moved him on after his act of rebellion.

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He was directed to the correct hotel to enjoy a well-earned night's sleep after his evening of activism – undoubtedly waking up with a healthy dose of beer fear the next day.

Dorset police confirmed they responded to reports of an intoxicated man lying on the street outside the hotel on Sunday (17 July) and managed to help him find the place he was supposed to be.

They tweeted: "Officers have dealt with an intoxicated man who was trying to gain entry to a hotel where he didn’t have a booking.

"He laid on the floor in protest. Officers returned him to the hotel he has a booking for over the road."

People were quick to respond to the Tweet, with some sharing their sympathy for the hotel where the man eventually ended up.

One Tweet said: "I'm sure the hotel with his booking were absolutely made up you gave him back to them …"

Another chimed in: "Patience indeed! Thank goodness you were there to help the chap! (Substitute any other four-letter word for chap)"

Others, however, were not impressed that the 'protester' had wasted police time.

"I wonder how much he paid for that booking. I would say two officers' valuable time he wasted," one critic of the man remarked.

"Was the police station over the road, that’s where he should have gone," said another.


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