Early February is deadliest week in the U.S. for avalanches since 1910

In backcountry areas across the United States, from Alaska to Colorado to New Hampshire, hundreds of avalanches rumbled down mountains in early February, ending in the most deadly week for avalanches in more than a century.

Between Jan. 30 and Feb. 6, 15 people died in avalanches in the U.S. — the most in that time frame since 1910, when 96 people died on the west side of Stevens Pass in Washington in a massive avalanche.

In total, 21 people have died in avalanches in the country in the 2020-2021 season as of Monday, including:

  • 8 in Colorado
  • 6 in Utah
  • 3 in Alaska
  • 1 in Wyoming
  • 1 in New Hampshire
  • 1 in California
  • 1 in Montana

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