Elderly pair confront Russian soldiers barging into their home in brave display

A 'brave' Ukrainian couple confronted armed Russian soldiers after they broke into their home.

The clip shows three armed Russian soldiers walking towards the distressed Ukrainian couple's property before the guards attempt to force an entry.

In heartbreaking scenes, the Russian soldiers manage to force open the gate and walk into the Ukrainian couple's home with their weapons drawn.

Many have commented about the couple's bravery and courage during the tense moment.

Barking dogs can be heard shrieking in the background of the video, and then an elderly couple appears to confront the armed men, which leads to high levels of shouting.

The US embassy in Kyiv has shared the clip on social media and it has since gone viral.

A fourth soldier then enters their property as the couple continues to shout, urging them to leave.

The soldiers are eventually seen turning around and leaving the property after the commotion.

The couple are then seen walking the guards towards the gate before shutting it behind them.

It is understood that incident happened in Mykolayiv Oblast, about 80 miles east of Odessa in southern Ukraine.

The US Embassy Kyiv shared the footage with the caption: "Today we salute this elderly couple, who stood up to three Russian soldiers."

The tweet has garnered more than 7,500 likes since it was shared, together with more than 1,430 retweets.

Social media users have since shared their heartbreak on social media with many honouring the courage of the elderly couple.

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One person penned: "This video truly breaks my heart! it's so hard to watch."

Another wrote: "That is so brave of them standing up to those armed guards."

A third donned: "So much respect for those courageous Ukrainians, sending Ukraine love."

It comes after Russia's invasion of Ukraine entered its 17th day, with Putin officially announcing the campaign on February 24.

In recent updates, Ukraine has accused Russian forces of abducting mayor of Metripol Ivan Federov as they moved to a "new stage of terror".

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