Elon Musk sends chilling Covid warning that world is on the path to tyranny

World's richest man Elon Musk posted a cryptic tweet appearing to slam the US Government over their handling of the Covid pandemic.

"If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny," the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

It appears that he is talking about vaccine mandates and other Covid control measures throughout the US. He may be suggesting that information about Covid has "scared" people into obeying rules.

Asked how people "fight back," the tech billionaire said: "Vote them out." 'Them' being the Democratic government that implemented the rules.

A stock exchange alerts account asked: "Even while the current election process seems rigged due to gerrymandering?"

Musk responded: "I have a feeling that the gerrymandering will not work as well as they think."

But the most bizarre was yet to come, making a Lord of the Rings-themed dig at the US Government over its handling of the pandemic.

He shared a meme that showed a Lord of the Rings character holding the ring that the movie centres on. He compared the character holding the ring to the US Government.

The ring in the movie franchise demonstrates that ultimate power destroys or makes evil he who holds that power.

Therefore, it appears Musk is implying that the Government is using the powers of mandates and lockdowns unjustly.

Musk’s dislike of vaccine mandates and other Covid restrictions is well documented.

He told Time Magazine that while he and his eligible children are vaccinated, state-imposed requirements to get a jab represent an “erosion of freedom.”

He also tweeted his support for a so-called “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers and other activists on their way to the country's capital to protest the country’s vaccine mandates and other Covid control measures.

“Canadian truckers rule,” the Tesla Inc. chief executive officer said, also on Thursday, in a tweet.

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