Escaped prisoner on the run turns up on YouTube criticising injustice of jail

An escaped prisoner who has been on the run from authorities for several weeks has been spotted on a YouTube podcast.

Convict Greggor Grey managed to escape from prison in mid-May before he made the shocking move of calling his local paper to rant and rave about his time in jail.

Grey, who had served 17 years of his sentence for robbery, finessed his way out of HMP Sudbury, in Derbyshire.

But yesterday the convict appeared in an episode of Birmingham-based podcast The Chop Shop, Mirror reported.

Grey ranted to the podcast's hosts, saying: "Right now, you’ve got a man talking to you on the run.

"I’m not hiding from nobody, my name’s Greggor Grey."

The cheeky convict then spoke with hosts about being a fugitive and boasted about running away "three weeks and one day ago".

Grey claimed he escaped from prison to get away from the "injustice" and "heartache" of his time there.

He claimed he cried himself to sleep every single night.

Grey said: "The judge gave me four years and 17 years later I’m in there asking the question how long till you send me home?"

He then went on to tear up as he described the decades he spent behind bars after committing a robbery shortly after his son was born.

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It has been reported that Grey’s initial sentence was four years.

However, he has remained in prison due to being subject to an Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentence, he said.

He went on to tell the host how he still thought of his mother as a younger woman from the early 2000s but, when he spoke of her, he said he realised how old she's grown.

Grey said he had been through nine parole boards and was technically on one this Monday, as well. He said he didn’t think he would’ve got that one either.

He added: “Forgive me if I’m behaving in a way that’s not normal because this is not normal.

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“You’re telling me on one hand do the courses [in prison] to bear yourself. I’ve left nothing for them to say he hasn’t done this and everyone knows how I’m moving now is exactly how I move.

“How do I tell my kids I’m soon coming to check on them when they’re 17-years-old? Two boys. Their whole life I don’t know nothing about them.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire constabulary: "Officers continue to carry out enquiries to locate Greggor Grey who absconded from Sudbury open prison on May 16.

"Anyone who sees him, or knows of his whereabouts, is urged to contact Derbyshire police immediately and not to approach him."

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