Evil Dr Death Harold Shipman planned own prison death to get wife big payout

Depraved murder Harold Shipman tried to plot his own death so that his wife could bag a whopping £100,000 pension payout.

Shipman was jailed for murdering 15 people but his total tally is believed to reach a sickening 250 victims during his 25-year career as a GP.

The sick doctor, who was given the nickname of Dr Death typically killed elderly women with lethal doses of diamorphine and then tampered with their medical records to dodge suspicion.

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He was finally jailed in 2000 but after just four years at HMP Wakefield, he ended up becoming his own final victim.

On January 13, 2004 – a day before his 58th birthday – the Nottingham-born medic hanged himself inside his cell.

Shockingly it was revealed in 2016 that the monster had plotted his own death so his wife Primose could pocket his cool £100,000 pension payout.

To activate the pension pot, Shipman needed to die before his 60th birthday, which would also see her set for life with a further £10,000 a year from his GP pension being sent to her.

Having stuck by him despite learning of his sick crimes, she was rewarded for her loyalty with the bonus.

Since receiving the money, his wife has not been heard from – her current whereabouts are unknown.

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The secret files detailing the murderer's plans were meant to be hidden until 2069 but a copy was found in the public records office at the National Archive in Kew, west London.

One document said: “Mr Shipman has stated he plans to kill himself in five years as this is the amount of time it takes for his pension to be secured for his wife.”

He may have died by suicide but the same document states 57-year-old Shipman thought about provoking a fellow prisoner into killing him.

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"He has further commented that he will incite a lifer to attack him at this point with a view to being killed," the file continued.

"Since his conviction it is indicated that Mr Shipman has received medication for (blank) and voiced suicidal thoughts prior to sentence.

"Following sentence it is reported that Mr Shipman again voiced suicidal intentions, stating that after he secured his pension for his wife he would end his life.

"It is indicated that his wife was in agreement that it was preferable to spending the rest of his life in prison."

Despite the best efforts of staff, he was pronounced dead by a doctor at 8.10am

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