Ex-adult star and crew caught with 6kg of cocaine in suitcases at airport

An ex-adult star has been arrested at an airport with a man carrying a whopping 6kg of cocaine stashed in hidden compartments of his suitcases.

Mia Etcheverria was one of a group of people rumbled by narcotics police at Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay as they attempted to board a flight to Madrid, Spain.

The five were rumbled by the Uruguayan police during a routine check on one of the men, whose two suitcases had hidden compartments containing six slabs of a white, powdery substance.

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Mia's, real name Camila Navarro, was one of the main stars on Uruguayan adult channel Divas TV. She was arrested after being brought to an inspection room as a co-conspirator in the alleged smuggling plot.

Mia was once in a relationship with retired international footballer Richard Morales, whom she has two daughters with.

The former star, who made 27 appearances for Uruguay and played in the Spanish top flight, said he will pay her legal fees.

He said in a statement: "Nowadays, more than ever, my only priority is my daughters and their well-being, and I will protect them from any media exposure related to this issue."

He also took a swipe at the media, adding: "I understand that we are both public figures in different contexts, but I consider it unnecessary to constantly refer to me and my daughters."

The five suspects have been hit with charges related to "attempted drug exportation".

Four, including Mia, are currently in custody as the police search for a sixth person in relation to the case.

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Mia's lawyer, Pablo Casas, is claiming that his client "was unaware of the contents of the suitcases".

He told local media: "The conclusions that she collaborated, that she was aware of the contents, and that she simply passed those suitcases are incorrect."

The Ministry of the Interior of Uruguay said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing.

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