Ex adult star Mia Khalifa stuns fans as she shows off abs in diet holiday snap

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PornHub legend Mia Khalifa is enjoying the French lifestyle while on a trip to Paris, revealing that she's even been eating steak tartare twice a day.

The 29-year-old, who has already visited London this year, is in the French capital and has been chronicling her journey on her Instagram account.

The OnlyFans star enjoyed steak tartare at Le Bar Des Theatres near the Champs-Élysées, showing her followers how she almost cleaned the plate of the raw meat dish.

"That steak tartare twice a day diet," she wrote later on alongside a selfie of her, revealing her toned abs.

The model also showed how she visited the galleries of the city, as well as taking in an orchestra performance.

Earlier this week, the OnlyFans star shared a collection of photos to her Instagram story showing off the heat and a variety of outfits from her day of holidaying.

Taking some time off of touring the country, Mia was spotted relaxing and "bronzing" for the day, sharing some holiday snaps that showed her lying in the sun.

Mia has had quite the eventful holiday in France, with an awkward encounter between a TikTok influencer and their husband.

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Daily Star reported the awkward encounter, where the husband of TikTok influencer Lya Mariella was spotted fawning over Mia in front of his wife.

An apology was sent Mariella's way by her husband.

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He handed off a pricey Birkin handbag to his wife, presumably as an apology for being "way too excited" about spotting Mia at the hotel.

But it appears all ended well for Mia and Mariella, who were spotted together in a series of TikTok's and Instagram posts uploaded to both of their accounts respectively.

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