Fake Madeleine McCann slams investigator for scaring her after DNA bombshell

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    The Polish woman who claimed to be Madeleine McCann has expressed disappointment at the private investigator who arranged her DNA tests, accusing her of never really wanting to help her.

    Julia Wendell, who gained global notoriety after claiming to be Madeleine, recently received DNA test results that prove she is almost 100% Polish.

    Julia, who was living in California, has returned to live with her father in Poland following her bombshell claim, which has been debunked.

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    However, Julia is reportedly struggling to accept the results of the tests that have proved she is not Madeleine, according to the private investigator who worked with her, Dr Fia Johansson.

    Speaking on social media, Julia said she is "struggling to understand" her DNA results as she says she has been told all her life she is "partially German", whereas the recent test found her to be almost exclusively Polish.

    Julia criticised Dr Johansson for allegedly "trying to scare her" and says she now wonders whether the investigator truly wanted to help her at all.

    The self-proclaimed medium Dr Johansson has denied she used Julia's case to gain online notoriety.

    Dr Johansson responded to Julia's recent comments about their collaboration, stating that she provided all the information to Julia about the DNA test results and that the truth revealed by the test speaks for itself.

    "Julia was provided all the information about her DNA results to check for herself," Johansson said.

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    "Although Julia is disappointed about this revelation and the spotlight may fade away, the truth as represented in the results speaks to perhaps an unwelcome new reality.

    "I tried to help her find her true identity as she wished, and through this journey I was hoping to provide her comfort with her new reality.

    "Despite her recent postings, I wish her a well and happy life."

    Dr Johansson however does not regret getting involved with Julia and her bizarre claim.

    “I believe in this now – I believe if Julia did not come out the way she did, there would not be the interest in Madeleine’s case,” she told the Mirror.

    “At least Julia warned people not to give up on Maddy’s case. Next time, it could be Madeleine.”

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