Family arrange special birthday for boy, 4, who lost both parents to coronavirus

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The family of a boy who lost both his parents to coronavirus has asked local people to help the tragic youngster celebrate his fifth birthday.

Raiden Gonzalez has been left heartbroken by the deaths of dad Adan Gonzalez Jr and mum Mariah just four months apart in San Antonio, Texas.

His great-aunt Margie Bryant has asked people to help Raiden make it a special birthday despite the tragedy.

A "wave and roar" dinosaur-themed drive-by parade has been organised by Margie, who lives in Houston.

The local fire department, a Batman entertainer, monster truck clubs, motorcycle clubs and classic car clubs are all due to participate.

Margie said: "It's a milestone birthday.

"We just want him to know that we're going to be there for all of his birthdays and make sure he's celebrated, and I know my niece has the cheesiest grin because she knows her boy is in good hands."

Margie wants local people to attend the parade.

Beyond Raiden's happiness, her wish is for people to take Covid-19 seriously after the pandemic ripped her family apart.

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She said: "I can't say it enough. I know what it (coronavirus) has done to us, and I know the hurt that we feel, the void that is has left in our hearts, this little boy who doesn't have his mum and dad now.

"You hear about the deaths, but you don't ever really hear about the people left behind, and in this instance, it's a four-year-old."

Texas has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases of any state in the USA, and the national death toll is quickly approaching 250,000.

The pandemic has killed around 1.3 million people worldwide with just under 55 million confirmed cases.

Adan Jr died in June aged 33 while Mariah, 29, passed away in October aged just 29.

The pair had been taking necessary precautions by wearing face masks, Margie said.

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