Family horrified as farmer shoots puppy ‘through the head’ for bothering sheep

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A family is grieving the death of their puppy after a farmer shot him for "sheep worrying".

The black Spaniel pup was allegedly shot through the head after two shots were fired when he wandered into a field of livestock in Ballingry, Fife.

In Scotland, a landowner can shoot a dog on their land that is believed to be worrying their livestock, if they feel the dog would cause injury or suffering in any way to their animals.

The owner's sister, Lorraine Daly Armstrong, posted about the tragic incident on Facebook, warning others to keep their pets on leads – and to slam the farmer's decision to shoot the dog when she claimed he was no threat to the flock.

Along with a photo of the adorable young dog, the Daily Record reports that she wrote: "Just a warning to everyone walking their dog this wee precious spaniel lost his life today because he entered the field where sheep were.

"No, he didn't attack any sheep, he ran back to get his owner and was shot at twice, one straight in the head."

"I've been in the back of police van today. It's heartbreaking for my sister to have witnessed this all happening, to see her one-year-old wee dog get shot.

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"Please don't walk your pets near fields off a leash."

Police Scotland told the Daily Record that the dog was shot and killed as a result of sheep worrying.

Sergeant John Nicol said: "Around 11.55am on Tuesday, March 23 police were made aware that a dog was shot and killed on a farm in the Ballingry area following an incident of sheep worrying.

"Officers attended to carry out enquiries and no further action was required.

"Instances of sheep worrying cause a great amount of emotional distress and often substantial financial loss to farmers.

"And in this tragic case, the dog owners have also suffered personal heartache as a result of the attack.

"A dog will not understand the consequences of its actions, however, you do.

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"Please remember that it is your dog and your responsibility."

It comes just days after a seal was put to sleep after being mauled by an out of control dog.

The 8-month-old marine mammal, dubbed Freddie Mercury, was sunbathing on a ramp near the River Thames in Barnes when he was attacked.

Despite vets' best efforts to save him, he had a dislocated and fractured flipper, and the decision was made for him to be humanely destroyed.

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