Fierce Kate Middleton is most influential behind the throne, astrologer says

Kate Middleton is the real power behind the throne, not King Charles III, according to an astrologer.

Despite Charles being due to be coronated this weekend (May 6) the stars claim that Kate is in fact the “fiercest and most influential” member of the Buckingham Palace family.

The claims come according to the founder of Cosmic Fusion Michelle Bell, who reckons that the Princess of Wales is the real boss.

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She toldFemailthe St Andrews alum, “is a Capricorn Metal Rooster in Western and Chinese astrology.”

Michelle claims this is “unstoppable” adding: “Those born under this sign are on a mission, and they don't let anything stand in their way”.

She reckons the Princess wields a duel weapon with both her “charm and ambition” being serious forces – and that she knows exactly what it is she wants to get out of life.

Michelle claims the princess is a “go-getter” who is no stranger to rolling up her sleeves and mucking in for some hard graft to get the job done.

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She also reckons her rewards for such grit and graft – the likes of wealth and status – are something she thrives in.

Michelle added: “Winning is everything to them.

“But they also value earning respect through their hard work and dedication.

“They possess a rare and intrinsic self-confidence that sets them apart from everyone else, and they are not easily swayed by emotions or feelings.”

She added that “refined taste” also came in abundance for people born under this sign, who also had a preference for both life’s finer things and a tendency to think with logic.

Michelle reckons Kate is a pure reflection of this with her “quick-witted, eloquent, and persuasive” nature the keys to her remarkable story of success.

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