Fisherman catches terrifying cyclops fish and he thinks its beautiful

A Russian fisherman has pulled a terrifying "cyclops" fish from sea, and he thinks it's "beautiful" despite its interesting face.

Roman Fedortsov reels in bizarre-looking creatures while commercial fishing in the Norwegian and Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean and Greenland Sea and has photographed his catches, developing a following online.

In one of his most recent posts he revealed he is in the waters around Bear Island, in the Barents Sea, off Norway.

A couple of days before posting his location on Instagram, intrepid Fedorstov showed one of his latest catches, a fish branded a cyclops by his Instagram followers.

In a video, Fedorstov shows the left side of the fish, which has no eye. He turns the fish, revealing an eye in the middle of its head – prompting the cyclops comparisons.

However, the fish does have a second eye, on the right side of its body, that the fisherman then reveals.

The strange phenomenon is called eye migration. The fish in the video appears to be a halibut, which are symmetrical at birth with one eye on each side of the head.

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Then, about six months later, during "larval metamorphosis" – development into an adult – one eye migrates to the other side of the head. The eyes are permanently set once the skull is fully ossified, or fully formed.

Essentially, the fish looks regular at birth and the eye slowly migrates to the other side of the head as the specimen turns into a flatfish.

This happens so the eyes can be facing upwards from the seabed.

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Recently, Fedorstov caught a "baby dragon" sea creature. When he showed off the "dragon-like" beast he pulled from the depths it was compared to the mythical creature.

Fedortsov, who works on commercial trawlers, was fishing in the Norwegian Sea when he came across the unusual-looking creature.

He snapped a photograph of the fish, which appears light pink in colour, with large eyes, wing shapes on the body and a long tail.

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