Fisherman reels in deadly shark weighing 500lbs in one-hour battle off UK coast

A fisherman has caught a massive shark weighing 35 stone just off the coast of Cornwall.

Kevin Finch, 30, travelled down to Cornwall from his home in Kent to head out fishing and he got himself a big catch just an hour into the trip.

Little did he know that it was a porbeagle shark, a relative of the much-feared Great White shark, the man reeled the apex predator in as soon as it took his mackerel bait at about 300 metres away from his boat.

Footage taken by his friend shows Kevin lets out a gasp of joy when he realises how big the sea beast is.

The porbeagle shark thrashes in the water and tries to get rid of the hook around its mouth. As it spins upside down, it reveals the razor-sharped teeth.

Kevin says: "That is a big fish. Big big fish, angry angry porbeagle, wow!"

He was stunned by the size of the shark and took measurements to find out it was about 10ft long and had a girth of 8ft, giving it a calculated weight of 500lbs (35st).

He recalled the moment: "When I did it was like trying to fight a lorry with a stick. I was fighting it for an hour. It was man against beast or in this case a man eating shark.

"When I got it to the side of the boat it was thrashing about with its big jaws. I couldn't believe my luck.

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  • "I was just gobsmacked afterwards and had a massive sense of achievement. I have still got sore arms and an aching back from it now."

    Kevin later unhooked the porbeagle shark and released it back to the sea

    The biggest porbeagle shark ever caught near the UK was a 507 lbs monster caught off the Orkney Isles in 1993 by a fisherman called Chris Bennett.

    Potential record fish must be weighed on land for them to be considered an official record by the British Records Fish Committee, meaning they have to be killed.

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