Flea-ridden dogs incredible transformation after matted fur disguised his breed

A flea-ridden dog looks completely different after rescuers had to shave off his matted fur.

Heroic rescuers from an animal shelter have spent days trying to save four severely neglected pets.

Hope Rescue in Pontyclun, South Wales, was called upon by police to help with the ‘critical welfare situation’ after three dogs and one cat were found in a dangerous state.

Hope Rescue is a dogs-only rescue but they took the poorly cat regardless, reports Wales Online.

The rescue team ended up spending a gruelling five hours across two days working their way through the worst of just one dog’s matted coat.

Poor Sherlock was flea-infested when he was found, has rotten teeth and is underweight, weighing about 5.6kgs.

His head was permanently tilted up to try and see past the overgrown hair growing on top, and his fur had clumped together in thick, unhygienic knots.

Despite making some progress, it still took most of the next day to finally get all the matts out and reveal a four-year-old Shih Tzu.

Transformation manager at Hope Rescue, Vanessa Waldron said: “It was quite hard to see what breed there was under all the matting.

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“He is such a sweet dog. He didn’t grumble once while we were grooming him having gone through all that. He’s just a lovely little boy.

"We had to hack him quite a bit so he’s not really looking his best but the main thing is he’s comfortable.”

The two other dogs, a Welsh Hound called Harriet and a Whippet crossbreed called Olive, as well as Sherlock and the cat have thankfully recovered.

The three dogs are only being socialised with each other in the rescue centre’s paddock as they adjust to this big change, while the cat has been moved on to a local cat rescue.

“The thing at hope is we never know what’s going to come through the doors,” said Vanessa.

All three of the dogs will need extensive vet care with Hope Rescue's vet bills already amounting to £15,000 per month. If you can help out Sherlock, Harriet and Olive, make a donation.

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