Fleeing car-jacker screams in pain after police dog chases him and bites his bum

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An alleged car-jacker fleeing from the scene of a stolen car was caught by a K-9 who ended up biting him on the backside.

Matthew Gebert, 29, was running on foot away from the scene of a stolen vehicle as police had spotted the location of the stolen vehicle earlier and attempted to conduct a traffic stop when the 29-year-old made his escape.

The ordeal was caught on bodycam footage and the video showed K-9 Corporal Calvin Batts and his K-9 dog partner Jax able to apprehend Gebert with Jax biting the behind of the alleged car-jacker while he was on the ground.

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The incident occurred on July 31 as Gebert was heard pleading for Corporal Batts to remove Jax off him in the bodycam video footage.

In the footage, Batts could be heard saying to Gebert: "Show me your hands! The sooner you show me your hands, the sooner I take the dog off. Let me see your right hand!"

Gebert responded pleading with Batts to remove Jax from him as he writhing on the ground: "Get him off, please!"

Batts remained calm in his conversation with Gebert, promising him that he would take Jax off him once he places handcuffs on him as he responded: "Don't fight. Soon as I get you in handcuffs, soon as the dog goes off, okay? Hold on buddy, hold on."

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Following Gebert being freed from the clutches of Jax, he was subsequently charged with the possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

He was also was driving the stolen car with a suspended license and an active felony probation.

In addition to the two previously mentioned charges, Gebert is also being charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing to elude a law enforcement officer, resisting without violence, driving without a valid license, and violation of probation.

The 29-year-old was being held at a county jail without bond.


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