Footage of American drivers trying to use new roundabout has viewers in stitches

A video of Americans trying to use a new roundabout in northeastern Kentucky has left Reddit viewers unsure if they should laugh or cry.

In the clip, uploaded by user u/EVOSexyBeast on April 25, many of the drivers don’t know if they should go left or right or even which lane to use.

One motorist tried to treat the roundabout like a crossroads by simply turning left and then the confused drivers behind simply followed.

There were also multiple instances of drivers using the wrong lane.

In the caption, the user wrote: "They added a roundabout near my hometown in rural, eastern Kentucky.

"Here is an example of how NOT to use a roundabout…"

The footage was up-voted more than 131,000 times and drivers debated what was going on.

Sounding perplexed, one viewer wrote: "So I thought this was some kind of special road which was one way?? Because nothing about this made any sense."

A second user joked: "They probably thought 'roundabouts are British so we should drive on the British side.'"

Someone else wrote: "As an Australian who uses about 20+ of these every day… just… oh my god.

"If you have any comprehension of right of way principles it should be intuitive. I’m DISTURBED."

Meanwhile, an American commented: "They installed a few in our city they and worked fine from the start.

"Maybe the signage isn’t detailed enough or maybe the people of Kentucky aren’t ready for this type of technology yet."

The roundabout, or as it's known in the US "traffic circle", is located at the intersection of Route 60 and Route 801 in Morehead.

It replaced a four-way intersection because there were a number of serious crashes and it was believed a roundabout would be safer, according to

Unfortunately, it looks like it might take some getting used to for a few drivers.

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