Former soldier switched careers to adult films for new and exciting experience

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A former army sergeant revealed she quit the military to take up a career in porn for a "new and exciting experience".

After five years in the US Army and reaching the rank of Sergeant, former broadcast communication student Kayley Gunner decided to seek out new challenges.

She said: “I recently finished my service in the military, and I have been looking for a new and exciting experience beyond those amazing years.

“I enjoyed camming in the past and gained a lot of confidence being in front of the camera. Getting into the adult film industry seemed like the next logical step for advancing my brand.”

“Also, I have always had a fascination with the adult film industry and knew it would be something to pursue that I enjoy. Now that I am here, I can’t wait to show the world what I can do.”

She has already appeared in two films, and has set up an OnlyFans account to connect directly with her admirers.

She also recently chatted with fans in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit.

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Revealing that her weapon of choice was the 7.62 mm M240 machine gun, she said that she was selected for the squad support role because “I was strong and could keep up with the guys”.

She said that in the army you “meet the best people that you will always be friends with,” describing the relationship with her squadmates as “a whole different type of friendship”.

Meanwhile, the adult entertainment industry has its own downsides though. Porn star Karlie Brooks says that she managed to go for five years without any of her family knowing what she does for a living.

But that all changed when she received a direct message that read: “Hey kiddo! This is your uncle. I think I might have stumbled across a video of you today…very nice”.

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Karlie’s uncle cheekily added: “Do you happen to know Riley Reid? Also do you have an OnlyFans? My friend wants to know.”

Her uncle might just have kept his discovery to himself, but Karlie went on to share the moment with her 57,000 TikTok followers.

The clip of her telling the story has now been shared nearly 8 million times, so we can assume that there will be some awkward silences around the Brooks dinner table if he goes home for Easter.

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