Fort Morgan residents react to “Home Town Takeover” premiere

Televisions and streaming devices from Lake Street to South Sherman were tuned into HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” which premiered on Sunday evening.

Nine months ago, city leaders planned a city rally on Main Street and, unknown to the residents that gathered, the rally was merely a cover by HGTV. It was to cover the announcement that Fort Morgan would be featured in the show’s second season.

“I thought it was wonderful,” said Mayor Lyn Deal of the premier. “The buildup that HGTV did to promote the show all week was amazing.”

Sunday evening’s episode was the first of six in the season and it featured the “city rally” but also the renovations done at Zazzy Café, a mural located on Main Street, and the home renovation of Sarah Boon.

Julie Tuttle, who owns Zazzy Café with her husband, Dallas, said she woke up Monday morning to 200 Facebook messages from people saying they saw her on TV and congratulated her on the Café. She said the show is already paying off for the business as a couple from Wyoming came into the shop on Monday to check it out after watching the show.

“It’s just so bizarre,” said Tuttle about seeing herself and Dallas on television. “To always watch those shows on TV and to be like one of those people [on TV]. It’s still kind of weird but very exciting.”

Along with the remolding, the surprises kept coming to the Tuttles when Food Network Star, Molly Yeh, showed up to help them with a new scone recipe. Even though only a few seconds were shown on television with the Tuttles and Yeh, Julie said Yeh worked with them for hours, with her calling the experience surreal as she got to bake with one of her culinary idols.

“I thought that the people that received the actual renovations were humble and gracious.” Deal said. “It was very heartfelt. It was very real.”

Tuttle said she’s relieved that the Cafe’s part of the show was the first to be shown because she doesn’t have to wait weeks to watch for it, but moreover, she shares the same optimism as Deal about how the show may change the ambiance in the community.

“We have so many things to offer here for tourists to come and see and check out. It’s very exciting to see all this positive energy come to town,” Tuttle said. “I hope it creates positive change to build and grow the town.”

Deal said she was on the Morgan County Bulletin Board Facebook page and didn’t see negative comments about the show or how it showed the city.

“I think people will come out and they’ll look at the projects and they’ll shop and [they’ll] kind of know who we are out here,” Deal said.

The next episode of “Home Town Takeover” airs at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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