Foul stench of blokes decomposing mum alerted officers to bloated corpse

A man has been arrested after police noticed a "foul" stench coming from his home, which led to the discovery of his mother's bloated corpse.

Justin Carver, 36, was charged with failing to report the death of his mother, Layni Carver, 55, who had filed a no-contact order against her son jus weeks before her death.

The 36-year-old had been hiding the body inside of his home, but the potent smell of the mother led officers to make the grisly discovery in Florida, United States.

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Police say Carver acted in an "evasive" manner, not replying to knocks from the front or back doors of the home.

Carver, who replied to officers rapping on his window by exiting the property and "immediately closing the door behind him," drew officers' suspicions, who then entered the property.

He then "sat himself down on the top stair of the doorway and was staring at the ground," court documents show.

Making their way inside the building, it was not long before officers discovered the deceased, with Layni's body lying on her bedroom floor between the bed and wall, New York Post reported.

The body was "starting to bloat" according to an affidavit submitted to court, which also described Layni's body as having "marbled skin" and "apparent skin slippage".

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Carver initially claimed he had not seen his mother since earlier that week before admitting he found her body two days earlier.

His discovery was not reported to officers immediately as the 36-year-old was under a strict no contact order, which his mother had enacted justy weeks before her death.

Officers who asked Carver about why he did not report the death of his mother say he simply shrugged his shoulders and responded: "I don't know."

A cause of death is yet to be confirmed for Layini, with officers yet to determine whether Carver, who is being held at Charlotte County Jail, was responsible.

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