Furious mums blast McDonalds as kids given Happy Meals with knives inside

Two mums claim they found box-cutter knives in McDonald’s Happy Meals that they had given to their kids.

Dawn Paret wrote on Facebook that her husband had taken their two daughters to a branch of the fast food restaurant in Warren, a town just north of Detroit in Michigan.

Their seven-year-old daughter discovered a bright yellow box cutter packed in with the burger and fries.

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She wrote: "You hear of things like this, but never did I think it truly could happen. The amount of worry and rage that went through me – I have never experienced."

The mum says she contacted restaurant managers, who told her that the mistake had occurred because staff sometimes use the handy-sized cardboard boxes as temporary storage for small items behind the counter.

According to her there was a ballpoint pen in the box, alongside the razor-sharp cutting tool.

Dawn added: "McDonald’s I need an answer as to WHY and HOW a box cutter ended up in the bottom of our daughter’s happy meal.

“Simply saying, a Happy Meal box is your “catch all” and someone must’ve accidentally grabbed that one is not the answer I want.”

Speaking to local news outlet WXYZ, Dawn said: “I understand accidents happen, it’s just I need to know how this happened exactly."

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A similar mishap occurred around 45 miles down the road in Brighton, Michigan late last month.

Kayla Almashy’s daughter asked for some help opening the “toy” that came in her Happy Meal.

“My baby, she always says Mama will you open my toy and when I went to grab it, it was a box cutter,” Kayla told WXYZ.

“I just want to make other parents aware to check their Happy Meal boxes because my daughter handed me a box cutter that was in her happy meal box thinking it was a toy,” she wrote on Facebook.

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The immediate response to Kayla’s complaint from McDonald’s managers simply made her angrier after they reportedly offered her a free dessert.

“I just wanted some type of explanation, but there was nothing that he could give me other than he said ‘do you want a free apple pie or cookie,'” she said.

That complaint sparked a stronger response from McDonald’s, with the chain writing: “Definitely not the kind of experience we wanted you to have, Kayla. We’d like to look into this for you."

They added contact details for their main complaints office.

A later statement from McDonald’s provided to WXYZ promised a full investigation into how the mistakes were made.

They added: "The safety of customers and employees is our top priority, and we take these claims seriously."

The McDonald's representative added that they had been in touch with both the customers involved and were continuing to investigate".

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