Furious residents embarrassed by jungle garden making flats look like slum

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Furious residents have slammed their housing association who they say have left their 'jungle garden' to make flats look like a 'slum'.

Edinburgh resident Angela Robinson, 53, says she feels like she's 'living in a slum' as the grass around her flat has not been maintained at all this year, despite her and 11 other tenants paying for the service.

Angela's husband Raymond, 66, who struggles with his mobility, has not been in the garden this year due to the 'jungle' growing outside the building.

The couple's flat on Stein Street, South Queensferry, is owned by Link Housing, and all 12 tenants pay a fee of £10 a month added to their rent to maintain the stair and outdoor garden.

Residents say the grass outside has not been attended to since the end of last year and Angela says the nettles are so big, they're reaching the windowsills of their ground-floor flat.

Angela said 'it's embarrassing' as the rest of the estate is immaculate and they 'stick out like a sore thumb', and says she's not the only tenant who feels that way.

She said that despite numerous attempts to contact the housing association, and being told someone is on the way, nothing has been done.

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She added that after buying a table and chairs, as well as a washing line, with summer approaching, her and her husband have still not made it outside this year.

"We pay our rent and a factoring fee is included, which includes maintaining the garden and keeping the stairs clean, but even when they come to do that they don't do it properly, they're in and out within five minutes," she said.

"When I look out, I feel down and depressed looking at it so I can just imagine what the rest of our neighbours are thinking looking at it.

"We're paying for a service that we're not getting."

A Link spokesperson said: “We have been made aware of issues relating to standards of grounds maintenance works undertaken by our contractor at our homes in South Queensferry, and have written to customers who have been impacted by this to apologise.

“We have also notified customers that we are working closely with the contractor to resolve the issues as a priority and to ensure normal service resumes as soon as possible.

“An action plan been put in place to ensure all outstanding work is delivered in full, and, where any further or supporting works are identified or required, these will be completed at cost by the contractor or Link.

“Our primary focus at this time is to ensure the level of service is restored over the next few weeks."

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