Futurist predicts humans will live forever through AI and VR robots

Humans will be able to "live forever" through artificial intelligence and virtual reality robots, a leading futurist has predicted.

Expert Tom Cheesewright told the Daily Star "science fiction-style" solutions to human mortality are set to challenge all our ideas about the end of life.

The bad news? It's still a long way off.

Rather than through a biological solution to the body's ageing, Mr Cheesewright predicts technological solutions could one day let us "input our consciousness" into AI and VR robots.

Tom said: "I'm very excited as a science fiction fan by the prospect of living forever, either as a robot or in virtual reality.

"I think in many ways that feels like – even though we're a long way off being able to do it – the most achievable form of extreme life extension.

"Those are the ones that really get me excited, not least because they create a very fertile ground for science fiction but because they turn with the pace of change of technology that feels the most achievable.

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"Even if we are a long way from being able to fully recreate the human experience inside a computer."

The million-dollar question is whether that can really happen – that humans can live life as we know it inside an immortal machine.

Mr Cheesewright is bullish about the likelihood of science making that epic leap.

He said: "Ultimately I think it is possible.

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"You'd have to download the software of your whole body and recreate that in a way the brain feels is plausible.

"Replicating that inside a machine is an enormously complex proposition we're a very long way from achieving."

The self-styled Applied Futurist, who trained as an engineer, tries to use predictions of the future to inform how we live our lives.

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He appears on the BBC often, as a tech expert.

And unsurprisingly, he explained, the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk will be at the very centre of tech-led ambitions to extend life and cheat death.

In fact, Bezos has already donated millions to mysterious "cell regeneration" firm Altos Labs.

But should we trust billionaires with that sort of power?

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Tom said: "It's always the mavericks who are pushing the edges of science.

"These are people spending hundreds of millions funding what is a relatively fringe science.

"If they were turning themselves into gods, then I think we would have good reason to be distrustful.

"But in reality, I think they are in pursuit of their own immortality – and stretching the envelope of science for the rest of us."

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