Genetically modified Loch Ness Monster creature terrifies kids at city lake

A "mysterious serpent-like creature" that some reckon is "genetically modified" has been spotted swimming in a lake in a city park, with residents dubbing it their "Loch Ness Monster".

Footage of the animal was captured by Kim Frusciante, founder of the Early Partners preschool in New Orleans, USA, and shared to the school's Instagram page.

Kim wrote in the caption: "EP kids have a vast knowledge of sea creatures! Ask your child: What do you think this creature is? How do you know? Comment below with their responses!"

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Kim spotted the creature while visiting the park with her family.

In the video, the aquatic enigma appears slowly splashing about at the very surface of the lake, its spine and back fin visible above the water line.

"We looked into the water and saw a mysterious serpent-like creature. It is nothing I have seen before land or sea," Kim told the WGNO-TV news channel.

"My children were a combination of terrified and excited as many children would be seeing a beast in City Park.

"It was quite long. I have a four-year-old slightly smaller than it and it was weaving on the surface and [had] a lot of scales. The tail was red and it was swishing around aimlessly hanging out on the surface much longer than a normal fish."

Kim said her school children have been looking into aquatic creatures in their lessons, but are yet to come across anything like she spotted.

"In our sea creature studies, and we haven't seen anything like this in our books. I am pretty well convinced that it is the Loch Ness Monster of New Orleans," she said.

"The great people of the Internet seem to think it is a genetically modified carp fish created in a lab and released in City Park."

New Orleans City Park officials said they are looking at Kim's footage and working with experts to identify the species.

People responding to video on Instagram and Facebook put forward a number of suggestions.

One said: "Looks like an Arowana. They can grow up to 6 feet and fit the description. Scaly, red tail, serpent like. Could have been someone's released pet fish."

Another wrote: "Is an Alligator Gar, I see them myself, they casually come up to see what's around, they been there for decades."

While a third guessed: "It's definitely just a big carp. Alligator gar don’t have that frontal dorsal fin."

A fourth said: "Catfish. Probably a pet that was released when it outgrew its tank."

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