George Floyd timeline: Full events the led to Floyd arrest

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The world has been watching as chaos erupts in the USA over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died after being arrested by a white police officer last week. The gut-wrenching video, taken in Minneapolis on May 25, shows Mr Floyd struggling for his life as officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes while three other officers looked on.

Protests began in the city following the footage of his death going viral.

But the demonstrations have now gone global as the Black Lives Matter movement protests against the racial inequality in the US criminal justice system.

Some 75 US cities have seen mass protests, while solidarity protests have taken place in the UK and across the world.

President Donald Trump has been lambasted for his response to the crisis, failing to take any definitive action on police brutality and hiding in the bunker of the White House when protesters descended on the city.


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What happened to George Floyd: a timeline

A 911 call was made at 8.01pm by an employee at Cup Foods, a convenience store in Minneapolis.

A clerk at the store alleged that Mr Floyd had used a fake $20 note to buy some cigarettes.

The employee told the operator he had demanded the cigarettes back but “he [Floyd] doesn’t want to do that”, according to a transcript released by authorities.

At 8.08pm two police officers arrived at the store and located Mr Floyd, who was sat in a car around the corner with two others.

After approaching the car, one of the officers, Thomas Lane, pulled out his gun and ordered Mr Floyd to show his hands.

In an account of the incident, prosecutors do not explain why Mr Lane thought it necessary to draw his gun.

Mr Lane, prosecutors said, “put his hands on Mr Floyd, and pulled him out of the car”.

The account then states Mr Floyd “actively resisted being handcuffed”.

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Once Mr Floyd had been handcuffed, Mr Floyd complied with police while Mr Lane explained he was being arrested for “passing counterfeit currency”.

At 8.14pm, a struggle ensued as officers tried to put Mr Floyd into their car.

Mr Floyd told officers he was claustrophobic, then fell to the floor and stiffened up.

Mr Chauvin then arrived at the scene and there was another attempt to get Mr Floyd into the car.

At 8.19pm Mr Chauvin pulled Mr Floyd away from the car and onto the floor, where he lay face down still in handcuffs.

This is the point when onlookers began filming the incident

Mr Floyd was restrained by officers, while Mr Chauvin placed his left knee between his head and neck.

“I can’t breathe,” Mr Floyd said repeatedly, pleading for his mother and begging “please, please, please”.

Mr Chauvin refused to stop for eight minutes and 46 seconds whilst the three other officers looked on.

Six minutes into this episode Mr Floyd stopped begging and became non-responsive.

One officer checked for a pulse and could not find one. The three other officers, including Mr Chauvin, did not move.

An ambulance arrived and Mr Floyd was pronounced dead an hour later.

Who was George Floyd?

Known to loved ones as ‘Big Floyd’, Mr Floyd was a father of one daughter

The 46-year-old was born in North Carolina and lived in Houston, Texas, when he was younger.

He moved to Minneapolis some years ago to pursue a job, but had been left unemployed by the coronavirus crisis and was looking for a temporary job to see him through the immediate future.

He has been fondly remembered by friends and family since his death, who have branded his death “senseless.”

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