Germany could be ‘wiped off’ the map over Russian ‘existential threats

Polish reporter says France and Germany 'two faced' over Russia

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A shocking report has warned that a Russian invasion of Europe is “more likely than ever”, adding that Germany could be wiped off the map “at any moment.” The Sun reported that the officials in Germany have requested the country to brace itself for an impending war with Russia, amid fears the war in Ukraine will escalate into a global conflict with NATO.

The confidential documents leaked to the German publication Der Spiegel suggest that one of the country’s top generals Eberhard Zorn ordered the country’s army to put itself on a war footing in the face of “existential” threats.

The 68-page policy paper produced in late September is titled “Operational Guidelines for the Armed Forces”.

In it, General Zorn called for the complete overhaul of the German military, and to prepare itself for war.

He wrote: “Attacks on Germany can potentially occur without warning and with great, possibly even existential, damage.”

Although the modern German army has been involved in foreign conflicts such as Afghanistan, Zorn calls for the Bundeswehr to prepare itself “for an enforced war” on its own territory.

Germany’s armed forces, known as the Bundeswehr, has 183,638 active personnel as of February this year, and 949,000 reserve personnel.

He warned that a war in a NATO member nation in Eastern Europe has “become more likely again,” and called on Germany to play a leading role in the continent’s defence, and create a more “robust” armed forces.

He demanded for large units that are ready at times to fight for NATO.

He said: “Alliance defence, including the ability to provide visible and credible deterrence, will dominate Germany’s military action.”

The paper says that in the event of Russian aggression on NATO’s eastern border, Germany would have to provide “reactive and combative forces” and couldn’t wait for support from the US.

Mr Zorn warns that neither the EU nor NATO can afford “to start planning and generating forces only after the attack has taken place”.

He goes on: “If we don’t jump fast, no army will move in Europe.”

However, the leaking of the report may be a sign that German military chiefs have grown frustrated at what they see as a sluggish response by their government to earlier pledges of money.

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A defence manager told Reuters: “There is a war raging in Ukraine but procedures here are still running in peace-time mode, while inflation is eating up the money.”

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