Get down! Sky News Alex Crawford continues TV report during terrifying Russian shelling

Sky News team is attacked by Russian snipers in Ukraine

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This is the terrifying moment Sky News special correspondent Alex Crawford was caught in the middle of dangerous Russian shelling during a televised broadcast. Russian artillery fire abruptly started raining down around the Sky News crew as they reported on the “last route in or out of Chernihiv”. The Russians tried to destroy the escape route out of the besieged city, which has been bombed relentlessly during the war in Ukraine.

The city of Chernihiv has strategic importance for both Ukraine and Russia, as it sits less than 100 miles north of Kyiv.

Alex Crawford travelled with a Ukrainian convoy “taking in aid and hoping to reach those still there”.

She said: “This is the last route in or out, and it has to be done fast.

“But the Russians have spotted this escape route and minutes after we arrive, they hit it.”

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At this point, the Sky News crew drop to the ground as Ms Crawford continues her reporting.

The sounds of Russian artillery fire can be heard around her, as she says: “The shelling is very close.”

The news crew were forced to run as artillery continued to rain down on the area just 100m metres away.

A member of her team calls on the Sky News correspondent to “get out” as her team climbs into a van to escape.

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She can be heard trying to calm team members, saying: “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

In her report, Ms Crawford says: “There is a mad scramble to get out as the attacks keep coming.”

Later recalling the incident for Sky News, Ms Crawford said: “Suddenly, a salvo of rockets came raining down on the area sending everyone crashing to the ground.

“Then mad panic ensued as dozens of vehicles hastily turned around and tried to weave their way through the trees and back out into the open field.”


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She continued: “The Russians had already hit the pedestrian bridge by now but as the civilians and emergency vehicles accelerated away, the strikes followed them.

“Not content with destroying the one route out of the besieged city, the Russian military wanted to cause as much death and injury to those trying to run away too.”

The televised attack comes just weeks after Ms Crawford’s colleague at Sky News, Stuart Ramsay, and his team were hit in an ambush by a Vladimir Putin hit squad.

During this ambush, Mr Ramsay and camera operator Richie Mockler were struck by bullets after the hit squad fired more than 1,000 bullets at their vehicle. 

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