Get That Corn

Eat it in a salad with halloumi, over fish or tofu, in a pasta, or on its own with tartar butter.

By Emily Weinstein

Is there such a thing as too much summer corn? Apparently not, or at least not at my house, where we are ravaging ears like a flock of crows. (Did you know a flock of crows is called a murder?!) This week alone, we had grilled corn, corn casserole and the creamy corn pasta below, and I have my eye on these corn fritters as well. The week before, there was yet another corn pasta, and corn salad too. I got a corn ice cream cone the other day! It was fantastic.

I say embrace the moment, and there are five recipes below for doing just that. Corn Week! Make it a thing! And tell me what you think at [email protected]

1. Grilled Chicken and Corn With Tartar Butter

The best part of this recipe by Kay Chun isn’t its speed or efficiency (20 minutes, one grill or pan), but the tartar butter, made with pickles, capers and parsley. But you could use other compound butters. (I love the anchovy-garlic butter in this recipe.) Or you could swap in another protein for chicken. Or choose another vegetable besides okra. You decide!

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2. Halloumi With Corn, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

Halloumi and I are having a moment, so I will certainly be making this light, single-skillet main course from Melissa Clark, in which the cheese is seared and then tossed with corn, tomatoes, red onions and lime. Another option: Serve this as a side dish with chicken or seafood.

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3. One-Pan Fish With Bacon and Sweet Corn

Sweet, milky corn and salty, smoky bacon are always a good match. Yewande Komolafe adds lemon-kissed fish fillets to make this a very fast and easy meal. You can watch Yewande make the dish on our YouTube channel.

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4. Sook Mei Faan (Cantonese Creamed Corn With Tofu and Rice)

As simple as it is, I found this recipe by Hetty McKinnon revelatory when I first made it. The textures got me: warm, fresh creamed corn and rice paired with cool silken tofu. They replace the canned corn and the meat or fish you’d typically see in this Cantonese staple.

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5. Creamy Corn Pasta With Basil

Here’s a New York Times Cooking classic from Melissa Clark. You’ll have to pull out the blender, but it’s worth it for the sweet, creamy sauce.

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