Getaway driver straddled by woman in romp at wheel during 50mph police chase

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A getaway driver was pulled in front of the courts after a high-speed police chase during which he had sex with a passenger.

Joshua James Childs, 28, was sentenced in the Mount Gambier Magistrates' Court, South Australia, on Monday May 9, charged with aggravated escape police pursuit in 2021 and an assault in 2020.

Childs was sentenced to more than nine months of home detention for two the incidents, ABC reported.

Childs was cumulatively sentenced for the separate incidents, but one in particular stood out to the judge.

"I have never in my time as a magistrate heard that whilst somebody was engaged in a police pursuit, they also engaged in sexual intercourse," Magistrate Koula Kossiavelos said.

The court heard that police tried to stop a speeding Childs in September 2021, but he evaded them twice before his tires were spiked.

However he continued to get away until the rubber from his tires disappeared when a second set of spikes were unleashed, the court heard.

Magistrate Kossiavelos said what happened next was "extraordinary".

With all tyres punctured and travelling at around 50 kilometres per hour, police witnessed the vehicle's female passenger climb over and straddle Childs, blocking his view and moving in an up and down motion.

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Childs was sentenced to seven months imprisonment to be served as home detention.

On the second charge of assault, the court also heard that a year before the other charge Childs knocked a man off his bike while the victim was dropping their child off at school.

He chased him onto the premises, punching him in the head several times, the court heard.

He was sentenced to two months imprisonment to be served cumulatively via home detention.

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