Ghost of murdered child star ‘haunting her home’ 30 years after dad shot her

A child star brutally murdered by her drunken dad is reportedly haunting the Los Angeles property 32 years after she was shot.

Judith Barsi was just 10-years-old when her dad, József Barsi, 55, shot her and her mother Maria Virovacz, 48, before setting their remains and the California home on fire.

Little Judith had appeared in several films, including Jaws: The Revenge, and 50 commercials before her life was brutally cut short.

The Bernal family moved in to the home 19 years ago and claim to have encountered Judith, who is said to roam the halls of the house in Canoga Park, California.

During the fourth episode of Murder House Flip on the streaming service Quibi, the Bernal family said they started experiencing paranormal activity after they moved in.

They said the garage door would open and close by itself, while cold spots could be felt throughout the home.

Gaby Bernal, who slept in the same bedroom where Judith was murdered, suffered horrific nightmares and always felt as though there was "bad energy" in there.

The spooky atmosphere prompted the family to enlist Murder House, a TV programme that revamps houses involved in horrific crimes.

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Designers psychics, mediums, and homicide detectives helped the owners get over the horrific things that happened in the house.

The dark hallways were repainted and recessed lighting was installed to brighten up their surroundings.

Meanwhile, Gaby’s room was gutted and refitted with French doors, a new paint job and carpet, while an amethyst crystal was added.

Gaby's dad said: "The negative energy that we felt in the house is gone already.

"No more sadness, no more crying. This is one of the greatest things that has happened in my life."

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