Ghosts hand caught pushing pint glass over in spooky CCTV from haunted pub

A punter at a famously haunted pub had his pint mysteriously topple over without anyone going near it.

CCTV footage at the White Swan Inn, Dunstable in Bedfordshire caught the spooky moment as it happened inside the 300-year-old boozer.

The beer glass filled to the brim crashed from its safe position on a table off the edge and onto the floor between a customer's feet at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

Natasha Magnan from the pub hopes it was just a ghoul thirsty for one final pint but she has booked a clairvoyant to take a closer look at the pub to be sure.

To hit the ground the pint had to first slide at least a couple of inches along the table which has led to theories that it was the latest in a series of paranormal activity at the pub.

Over her 20 years working at the White Swan, Natasha says she has witnessed and heard several stories of ghostly happenings.

Only last week the 37-year-old said she felt like someone was '"watching" her on a trip down to the cellar, which could be haunted from its former days as a police station.

The original concrete beds that prisoners used to sleep on remain creepily intact.

Natasha says that if you watch the video closely you will see some kind of spirit cheekily nudging the glass.

"Lots of spooky things have been happening for many moons. But this time we caught it on CCTV," Natasha said.

She continued: "[You can see] a customer casually chilling with his pals when his pint gets pushed off the table.

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"You can see a really weird hand-shaped shadow on the pint and as it gets knocked off, the candle goes crazy."

Natasha shared the clip on the pub's social media page which gave followers something of a chill.

Someone commented: "It has always been a spooky pub!"

Natasha says hauntings or at least ghost stories in the building have come in many different forms.

She said: "There have been many people who have had their own experiences first-hand.

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"The cleaner told me she saw a man's figure wearing a brown coat and the chef also witnessed a figure walking past the fireplace – near to where the pint was knocked over.

"We've also heard crazy stories in the past about a grey lady walking up and down the flat upstairs.

"We have a clairvoyant coming next Monday so I feel the ghosts are getting prepared for this. We hope they are all nice ghosts who just want the last pint."

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