Girl, 4, with 14 fingers and 13 toes has life-changing surgery to remove digits

A girl born with 14 fingers and 13 toes has undergone life-changing surgery to correct her birth defect.

Ting Ting, four, from Guangdong in southeast China, suffered from congenital anomalies at birth and as she grew older, she struggled to achieve daily life tasks.

Her family took her to Guangzhou Heping Orthopaedic Hospital and sought medical advice.

Ting Ting's parents were told that their daughter appeared to have polydactyly – where a person has more than five fingers per hand and more than five toes per foot.

In videos and pictures taken by the doctors, the young girl shows her hands in front of the camera – with seven fingers on each hand.

One doc explained that Ting Ting had two or more fingers fused together, a type of deformity known as syndactyly.

She also had seven toes on her left foot and six on her right, which the doctor hoped to remove the extra digits through surgical procedure.

After a long operation, the experts were able to remove the extra toes and fingers.

Dr Wang Xiaoli, at Division of Plastic Surgery, said the patient's multiple fingers were visible at the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint of both hands, with short, deformed finger development.

The fingers can now move in abnormal flexion and extension, he added.

The deformed toes were visible next to the fifth toe on both feet, and the 6th toe on the left foot was deformed, with significantly shorter development than normal toe.

But unlike the fingers, the extra digits were unable to move in active flexion and extension.

Dr Wang said: "A thorough consideration was made based on the shape and position structure of Ting Ting's multiple fingers as well as the X-ray examination.

"As she was still young, it's not advised to give her too much anaesthesia, so the surgery was staged to solve the problem of multiple fingers on both hands first and then multiple toes on both feet."

The expert concluded that Ting Ting underwent a general anaesthetic for the excision and osteotomy correction of the multiple fingers on both hands and the operation went very smoothly.

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