Girl who said boy, 10, got her pregnant at 13 forced to abort her second child

A schoolgirl who became famous when she gave birth at the age of 13 held an online poll over whether to abort her second child.

Darya Sudnishnikova, became famous after claiming a ten-year-old boy made her pregnant with her now 11-month-old baby.

This time Darya, 15, from Russia claims the father is her “boyfriend”, 17.

Using her massive audience of 650,000 social media followers, the girl staggeringly held a poll among her on whether she should have an abortion or not.

But in emotional videos, Darya, says she has been "forced" to terminate the pregnancy as doctors to fear her life could be in danger if she did not.

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She posted: “I did not know how to tell you, but tomorrow I will have an abortion.

“All day I'm shaking.

“It’s not because I want this, but I have big health issues and I will not stand giving birth.”

Doctors had told her that “if I leave this child, then I will die, or this child.

“It is just terrible.

“I felt so unwell for the last two days, terribly sick.

“There was a threat of miscarriage and I was told that I could die.

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“Damn, how hard it is for me to know that I will lose the child.”

Darya continued posting videos from hospital in her hometown Zheleznogorsk, a nuclear industry outpost in Siberia.

She strongly denied her critics’ comments that she had “hyped” about her abortion to generate numbers for her social media.

She asked sarcastically: “I rented a city hospital to film for hype?

"People, stop seeing hype in everything.

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“If a person shares with you, it doesn't mean it is only hype."

Darya, now 15, and the baby’s father Maksim Denisenko are to be quizzed by the Investigative Committee of Russia, which probes serious crimes, over the underage pregnancy.

But she also revealed she has split with him, calling him a “stupid child” after he revealed he had another girlfriend after vowing he would help her raise the child.

The abortion is the latest twist for a schoolgirl who shot to fame by claiming on nationwide TV that her first pregnancy at 13 was by her then boyfriend Ivan, or Vanya, who was only ten.

The pair stuck to the story in media interviews despite experts saying it was medically impossible.

Later she told police that in fact she became pregnant after she was raped by a boy, 15, on a stairwell, but had been too ashamed to admit it.

A criminal investigation is reportedly ongoing but meanwhile she insisted on keeping the child, Emilia – or Milya.

Darya has turned her fame into a successful social media business, boasting of earnings 12 times the average adult monthly salary in her region, Krasnoyarsk, from online advertising and promotions.

She also faces another problem having been expelled from school, she said.

This followed a row with teachers when she admitted she “had a tantrum”.

Her teachers were said to disapprove of her social media stardom.

"Everything is bad," she said.

“I have been expelled from my school.

“Other schools in this town do not want to take me, I do not know where to go.”

If you have been affected by this story, advice and support can be found at Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death charity). You can call them on 0808 164 3332 or email [email protected]

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