Glam pole dancer, 23, says botched operation left her privates rotting

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    A glam pole dancer says her vagina turned purple and rotted after a botched operation on her broken leg.

    Ana Carolina Onesio, 23, fell and injured her femur while teaching pole dancing students in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in December last year.

    She was taken to the Joao XVIII Hospital and then the city's Life Center Hospital for treatment.

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    Carol said medics noticed a lump and decided to check if it was cancerous before proceeding.

    However, she claimed she was forced to wait 23 days before being told it was benign and having the op.

    "By that point, the bone was already calcifying," she said.

    The operation, which was only supposed to take an hour and a half, ended up lasting three hours. Carol claimed she woke up several times throughout.

    When the ordeal was eventually over, Carol said she realised straight away that something was wrong with her vagina.

    Nurses were unable to give an explanation but doctors admitted something had gone wrong, but didn't say what.

    She ended up spending a total of 36 days in hospital, including Christmas and New Year, and had pain so bad she required morphine every two hours.

    Carol reckons it was caused by a cushion – that protects the vagina during surgery – being left in place for too long.

    She said: "It was purple. They thought it was just post op swelling, but then they realised they were wrong when it started to go necrotic."

    A psychiatrist hired by the health unit has since diagnosed Carol with post-traumatic depression and recommended surgery to repair her vagina be done in four months after her recovery.

    Carol said she's had to pay for the counselling despite the hospital saying they would provide it for her.

    The hospital said in a statement: "The patient required a complex surgery resulting from a serious pathology, and that, in her recovery, it was necessary to carry out specific physiotherapy sessions in the unit with support equipment that cannot be transferred to her residence. A multidisciplinary team is available and are monitoring the patient's recovery."

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