Golden retrievers guilty reaction to friend when owner comes home early

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A video of golden retrievers and a German shepherd looking shifty when their owner finds them hanging out with a sheep has left viewers in stitches.

In a video uploaded on TikTok by @darcy_boris_lily on Sunday (October 3) the pooches' owner opens the door after "coming home early" to find a surprising sight.

On the sofa is her three golden retrievers and a German shepherd, but they are also joined by a sheep who is casually standing on the cushions.

The sheep looks around at the noise and – when it sees the dogs' owner – quickly hops off and onto the floor.

Her four dogs then silently stare at her with a "guilty" look like they have been caught hanging out with a mate their parents don't approve of.

The video was watched more than 6 million times since it was uploaded on the app and thousands of people left comments.

One user commented: "The dogs are all looking at you like 'we didn't invite them, the lamb came here on its terms."

"I was thinking what breed of dog is that… then realised it was a sheep," a second person wrote.

A third user commented: "Just a casual sheep on the couch no biggie."

"Um ma'am you have livestock in your living room," wrote someone else.

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This comes after a video showed a golden retriever who "talks" to his owner every time they come home and it's been described as impossibly cute.

"She will do the 'talking squeal' every time when she needs you for something – whether it's food, petting or a walk outside," the owner explained.

"She's been with me long enough that I can understand what she wants every time she makes a sound."

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