Gran, 79, bites into ‘rusty batteries’ inside Birds Eye fish nugget sandwich

A gran has been left horrified after biting into a pair of 'rusty batteries' inside a fish nugget sandwich and being rushed to hospital.

Celia Walsh, 79, said she heated the frozen Birds Eye product, and was eating them in a sandwich when her tooth suddenly struck something metallic, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Her daughter Dee explained: "She felt something grinding against her tooth. At first she thought a filling had fallen out.

"Then when she took it out she saw something flash and realised they looked like two metal batteries.

"They were small, like those found in hearing aids or watches, and very rusted and corroded."

Celia, of Woodchurch, near Birkenhead, Wirral, saw her GP and was given the all-clear after undergoing an x-ray in hospital to check if she had swallowed any batteries.

The product was bought at Farmfoods supermarket in Prenton, Wirral, where staff offered Dee to get in contact with Birds Eye about it.

She said: "At first Birds Eye wanted to know whether my mum wore a hearing aid or a watch and whether the battery might have fallen in that way, but I told them that the food had come out of the freezer and straight into the oven."

After an investigation, Birds Eye said it "did not understand" how the batteries came to be in the food but sent Celia two £5 vouchers to "make up for the experience."

Dee said: "I don't really think that's good enough, considering what could have happened.

"It was a big shock to my mum and myself. At the very least, they should have done a product recall."

A spokesperson for Birds Eye said: "At Birds Eye, we take product safety very seriously and are sorry for any distress this may have caused.

"Our production facilities follow strict safety processes, including the use of metal detectors, to prevent foreign bodies from entering products.

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"We were, therefore, extremely concerned to learn of this matter and launched an urgent investigation at our factory, as soon as the customer got in touch.

"Upon conclusion of the investigation, we confirmed that this appears to be an isolated incident as the batteries are not used on our production line, and our team have been in contact with the customer to finalise a resolution."

Both Farmfoods and Birds Eye were approached by the ECHO following the discovery of the batteries.

Farmfoods did not wish to make a comment and has been contacted by the Daily Star.

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