Grandparents, 90 and 96, executed by Mexican drug cartel in revenge killing

Two grandparents, aged 90 and 96, were executed by a Mexican drug cartel in a brutal revenge killing.

Police were called to a triple homicide at a house in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora on the evening of August 3.

Their son Felizardo – a suspected drug dealer – was reportedly being hunted by a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel and attempted to hide inside the property while Maria, 90, and Pedro, 96, were home.

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Borderland Beat reports that Felizardo was known to be in hot water with the Sinaloa Cartel hitmen.

In a previous incident, cartel hitmen fired rounds into the front of his parents' house, leaving it riddled with bullet holes.

That is likely to have been a warning for some form of transgression against the Sinaloa Cartel, such as selling a rival gang's drugs or failing to pay the extortion fee required to do business in their territory.

Evidently, Felizardo did not heed that warning.

According to Central FM, he was ambushed on August 3 and ran into his parents' home at around 10pm, closely followed by the cartel hitmen who caught him and killed the family.

The state's Attorney General’s Office announced the following day that a sweep of the surrounding area led to nine arrests of people either suspected to be involved or caught carrying illegal firearms.

Three vehicles and seven guns were seized.

Further investigation identified four people within the nine suspected of carrying out the killings. They were nabbed in a stolen SUV.

Newspaper El Mexicano identified the four as Jesús Ramiro "N", 30, Héctor David "N", 22, Luis Alberto "N", 20 and José Miguel "N", 27.

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They were reportedly found in possession of two bullet proof vests and four long-barrelled firearms, which will now be tested to determine whether they were used in the murders.

It is not immediately clear which faction of the Sinaloa Cartel they belong to, with Borderland Beat reporting that it is either Los Salazars or Los Rusos.


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