Grindr killer killed our brother but if cops did their job he would be alive

The sisters of one of Stephen Port’s victims have criticised police who failed to halt his murder spree sooner.

Dubbed the Grindr Killer, Port used dating apps to lure his victims and killed three young men with the drug GHB at his flat in London in 2014.

All the bodies were found in the same area and in similar circumstances, but police failed to link the cases – despite quizzing Port about one of the deaths.

In September 2015, he murdered his fourth victim, Jack Taylor, 25, from Dagenham, Essex. Jack’s grieving sisters Donna and Jenny believe officers could have prevented his death.

Donna said: “Had they looked at Port’s computer and everything else that we now know they had, it wouldn’t just be Jack’s life saved.”

The pair are furious that police did not take note of key pieces of evidence, including a strange suicide note found beside one victim.

Donna added: “It’s hard enough when you lose somebody anyway.

“But when you lose somebody and you’re told, ‘Had something been done earlier, Jack would still be here’, it rips you to pieces. We don’t sleep.”

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Port was only caught after Donna and Jenny pushed officers to re-investigate key evidence.

Jenny said: “We should have been grieving – we shouldn’t have been doing their job.”

Port received a whole life sentence in 2016, meaning that he will die behind bars.

A coroner last week said police made “very serious and very basic investigative failings”.

The case will feature on documentary series Killer Britain on February 21 at 9pm on Crime + Investigation.

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