Gunman ‘shoots three people after Donald Trump signs stolen from his garden’

A gunman shot three people after pro-Donald Trump signs were stolen from his garden, foreign media reports.

Police were called to the scene at a property in North Topeka, Kansas, the US, on Saturday night, October 31.

The alleged shooter claimed signs had recently been taken from his property and believed the three of them may have been involved, Topeka Police told 13 NEWS.

Officers found one person that had been shot several times inside a crashed car.

They were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Two other victims were also admitted to hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

No arrests were made on October 31, and the investigation is ongoing.

With just a day left until the election, cities have begun boarding up shops and businesses amid fears armed groups will take to the streets.

Some Americans have even travelled to secret locations to ride out election week, the Daily Mirror reports.

Meanwhile, a group of experts that monitors violence across the world has warned of “unfamiliar danger” in the aftermath of the election.

The International Crisis Group states in a 30-page report: “Americans…have not in living memory faced the realistic prospect that the incumbent may reject the outcome or that armed violence may result.”

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It says that Trump’s "toxic rhetoric and willingness to court conflict to advance his personal interests have no precedent in modern US history”, CNN reports.

The President has previously refused to promise a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.

In September, he said “we’re going to have to see what happens” when pressed on the issue.

Trump has repeatedly criticised postal voting and claimed it leads to fraud – despite incidences being very rare.

His Democratic rival Joe Biden is currently leading in the polls.

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