Hairdresser’s fury after bin ‘spewing with dog poo’ left outside shop for months

A hairdresser has pleaded with council chiefs to remove an eyesore bin overflowing with 'dog poo' from the front of her shop.

Kerrie Preston, who owns Inglemire Barbers in Hull, East Yorkshire, says she has had no response after she asked her local authority to remove a “health hazard bin” from the front of her business.

The 53-year-old reported the eyesore in October last year but told HullLive she has been “fobbed off” despite numerous pleas to the council.

She said: “It is a health hazard, there is dog poo spewing out all over the place, it’s disgusting.

“There could be contaminated needles in there. It’s absolutely disgusting and I don’t want it outside my shop.”

She believes someone put the bin outside her shop and says electrical items were added when bin men did not remove it.

Kerry said: “At one stage it had a microwave oven stuck on the top. It’s mad that I am getting so stressed out like this, it’s ridiculous.

“You can’t get anything else in there and it’s all spewing out over the edges. It’s just disgusting.”

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The response from her local authority Hull City Council has not been good enough and she claims has been unable to speak to anyone with authority.

She said: “I have been in contact with the council three times now and I keep getting fobbed off with these reference numbers, is that going to move the bin?

“Is it too difficult for them to put me in touch with somebody who can get that job done? It’s ridiculous, the systems just totally wrong, it’s absolutely dire.

“There’s bin men working in the area in the week, why can't they just get one of them to come and take it away? Why leave it months and months and months?

“We’re paying for these services and they are letting us down left, right and centre. Not just with emptying rubbish like that, I just think that the system is failing us and it’s horrendous.”

Her local authority apologised for the delay in moving the eyesore.

A Hull City Council spokesman said: “The bin has now been removed and we apologise for the delay in responding in this instance."

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