Half-naked OAP wielding knife tries escaping from cops – on a mobility scooter

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This is the bizarre moment police officers chase a half-naked man who flees in a mobility scooter while waving a knife in a Dutch neighbourhood.

The pursuit, which has been compared to a gaming scene in Grand Theft Auto, happened in Maassluisstraat in the Nieuw-West region of Amsterdam.

Video first posted on TikTok shows a 64-year-old pensioner fleeing from police on a mobility scooter while wearing just underwear.

He is seen carrying a knife as police officers chase after him on foot on an empty road.

One officer is seen holding up a Taser gun and aiming at him while his colleagues order the pensioner to stop the vehicle.

As he wields the weapon at the police, he loses his balance in a slow right-turn and falls off the scooter.

He is eventually put on handcuffs and taken to a police station.

A spokesperson for the force said: "Colleagues tried to get the situation under control so that there was no longer any danger."

Officers confirmed they had used pepper spray on the pensioner but he wouldn't stop.

"When that didn't have enough effect, they decided to create a safe situation by Tasing him," the officials said.

"Someone is in a scooter, has a knife and is waving it around. That could be very dangerous."

The pensioner was handed over to healthcare personnel for psychiatric assessment while his mobility scooter was towed away by the police.

The video was captioned: "Grand Theft Scootmobile: Amsterdam City Stories."

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Viewers were in fits of laughter but one commented: "Laughable and sad at the same time. Four police officers chasing one pensioner on a scooter."

A second wrote: "Grant Theft Auto 7 for PlayStation 6."

"This is all very exaggerated of the police, they could have stopped the old man with just two of them," a third shared.

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